PooCoin Promoted Alert Bot

We’re happy to announce that PooCoin Promoted Alert Bot is now live.
You need to hold 5000 SUPERN tokens in your wallet to access it. Happy trading.
How to subscribe to PooBot in 3 steps:

1. Buy and hold 5000 Supern tokens on your wallet. There is a 2% tax so buy 5200 using this link => https://bit.ly/3xOr2PS

2. Use Metamask (not TWT) to connect your wallet to the bot. Use only PC (not Smartphone) to do so => https://bit.ly/33bKat8

3. Confirm your wallet and welcome to the club!

Disclaimer: PooCoin Promoted Alert Bot notifies within seconds when a new coin gets promoted on PooCoin website. We don’t guarantee all promoted coins will pump. Please DYOR and invest at your own risk.

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